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Dear Lonely Michel

1 min read
A night picture of the street just outside of Princeton Station.

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This is a response letter to my blog post, “It’s an Incredibly Lonely World.”

Dear Lonely Michel,

I know it’s hard right now. It seems like everyone’s finding their best friends while you’re reminiscing on the past. It’s like no one can beat the friends and family from home. But that feeling eventually goes away.

After coming home from fall break, you’ll find Idaho to be a bit slow for your taste. Here, it’s too easy to do nothing (perhaps because you’re on break). The time passes by just as quickly, but your life will feel stagnant.

Of course, it’s nice to see your parents. It’s fun reconnecting with friends. It’s great being able to climb again. But you’ll start to miss Princeton and the new family you’ve made.

The baby bird has to fly at some point—and for you, that’s now.

The Wiser, Better, Funnier, Happier Version of You,

Michel Liao

Michel Liao

Michel Liao

Boise, Idaho, United States
Hello! I'm a sophomore studying computer science at Princeton. I like reading, rock climbing, and running.